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Sunday, 25 June 2017

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City: Kolkata, West Bengal
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Contact name SHARMAJI 0-74391 52548,09900325347,HIMALAYA GURUJI
Phone 0-74391 52548,09900325347

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From BRAHMA JYOTHISHA GNANA (knowledge of horoscope) blessed to BRUGU RUSHI and then he blessed to PARAASARAA.
Accurate prediction makes you free from your mental worries and the solution (PARIHAARA) brings you out of the trouble.
The prediction of current and the future physical ailments will be scientifically conformed through BIOWELL.
The predicted negative force upon the life also justified by the sophisticated scientific equipment.
The gem which will be predicted for your future fortune also confirmed by the test from modern equipment.
The universal energies effect / work upon the living, working, business place called VAASTU
When you restrict to enter the universal energy in your living place by making shelter VAASTU starts gives its effect
The high elevated portion, the portion below the floor level, the sump and septic tank and the opening of the window and door creates the VAASTU force upon the living being
The ancient SHANKU STHAPANA at the point of the naval center of the house rectify the bad effect and brings you positivity
Along with the SHANKU STHAPANA the solidified mercury and the crystals eliminate the negative force in the future
The PUJA and HOMA brings in the auspiciousness, installs (PRATISHTA) universal energy which will help when you need
The negative energy released from the earth, below the ground is called geopathy stress
Find out the geopathy stress level before you purchase the land for built your home by the help of spoutnik
Find out the geopathy stress level negative effect after the construction by the help of spoutnik
Find out the geopathy stress level negative energy such as evil spirit, black magic such as BILLI, SHOONYA, by MANTRA, YANTRA AND THANTRA by the help of spoutnik
Horoscope gives you the solution for the right gem and metal and color etc.
Gems will give you life and it will take your life too
Chemically made gems gives you nothing no benefits and you find out that with our device
Come, bring and test your favorable gem whether it is original. And know that it is working for your favor or not from our equipment
Find your gem grade whether it is AAA, AA, A, B… or lesser than that quality or bogus
The gems we have, used for PUJA and continues recitation of mantra effect and the meditation energy has been absorbed. And it is energized as the gems at the abode of god’s statue in all the ancient temple but not modern one.